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The Growth Power Collective is for business owners across industries who are looking to accelerate their business success, scale and grow, achieve new levels of professional success, strategize, reach goals, and balance personal wellness.

Increase Business Revenue

Scale and Grow to New Levels

Elevate Leadership Skills

Find Ideal Team Players

Optimize Internal Operations

Achieve Balance & Fulfillment from Your Work



This rate is only available for registrations before December 31st 2019.

  • 3-Hour Group Strategy Session

  • 1-Hour Dedicated 1x1 Coaching Session

  • Individualized Problem Solving in Every Meeting

  • Library of Management Tools & Templates

  • Focused Action Items & Homework 

  • Leadership Development Curriculum

  • Unlimited Email Support 

  • Alliance Pairs to Support Action

  • Annual Group Retreat

  • Best practice sharing with like-minded strategic business owners

  • Aha’s from every session + immediately actionable to-do’s

  • Innovation and big-picture thinking proven to optimize your business

  • Dedicated 1x1s to move through specific obstacles/ roadblocks

  • Monthly agendas and education topics curated for the group

  • Templates, tools and new systems

  • A smart, driven, and supportive community of fellow leaders




Kate is a gem, and I am so grateful for her positivity, wisdom and expertise.”

 - Business Owner, Power Collective


*Guarantee requires 3 months of attendance and active participation in all scheduled sessions.

Upon registering for the Power Collective you will enter your credit card or ACH information for recurring billing.  Your first charge will be for the first month of the program - Jan 2019.  You will receive a Welcome Email which highlights additional perks of the program, scheduling instructions, as well as the terms of the coaching agreement.  We look forward to welcoming you to The Collective!

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