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The Growth Power Collective is for business owners across industries who are looking to accelerate their business success, scale and grow, achieve new levels of professional success, strategize, reach goals, and balance personal wellness.

Increase Business Revenue

Scale and Grow to New Levels

Elevate Leadership Skills

Find Ideal Team Players

Optimize Internal Operations

Achieve Balance & Fulfillment from Your Work



This rate is only available for registrations before December 31st 2019.

  • 3-Hour Group Strategy Session

  • 1-Hour Dedicated 1x1 Coaching Session

  • Individualized Problem Solving in Every Meeting

  • Library of Management Tools & Templates

  • Focused Action Items & Homework 

  • Leadership Development Curriculum

  • Unlimited Email Support 

  • Alliance Pairs to Support Action

  • Annual Group Retreat

  • Best practice sharing with like-minded strategic business owners

  • Aha’s from every session + immediately actionable to-do’s

  • Innovation and big-picture thinking proven to optimize your business

  • Dedicated 1x1s to move through specific obstacles/ roadblocks

  • Monthly agendas and education topics curated for the group

  • Templates, tools and new systems

  • A smart, driven, and supportive community of fellow leaders




  • When will the group sessions take place?
    The time and day of the group session will be consistent each month, and will be scheduled out in advance. It will likely occur on Tuesday or Wednesday morning between 10:00am and 2:00pm PST.
  • When will the individual sessions take place?
    The individual sessions will be scheduled separately with each owner based on best available times.
  • Why would I want a group vs individual sessions?
    The value that the group brings is so much more than what I alone could provide to you. When we engage in focused, meaningful sessions, followed by follow-through on our mutual commitments, you will begin to perform at a much higher level. The group provides the support, brilliance, and mutual accountability for you to make significant changes and improvements in your business.
  • What types of topics will be covered in the group session?
    Before each session owners will complete an online "check-in" where they will write-in the biggest challenge they need help working through in the upcoming call. Two challenges will be selected (by online group poll) in advance of the session, and that will guide our focus for that session. In addition, every group meeting will include an education & training piece that I have designed based on my expertise and experience around the most common obstacles of studio ownership. For example: • How do I increase sales? • How do I price my products to generate optimal profit? • How frequently should I run promotions, and what should they be? • How do I structure team compensation? • How do I make sure to hire the "right" people? • How do I get my staff more engaged? • How do I leverage social media to get new ideal clients? • How do I get new people through the doors? • How do I create a collaborative and high performing team culture? • How do I increase conversions? • How do I reduce attrition? • How do I optimize my retail?
  • Is there a minimum commitment?
    Yes. Because the group is relying on your support, I am looking for owners who are invested in a long term commitment (at least 6 months). This helps to build the connection between you, and allows us to progress the material to become increasingly strategic as time goes on. Be prepared to watch your business TAKE OFF!
  • How long will the group last?
    We aim for this to be an ongoing support and strategy collective. The group will continue so long as all participants are getting tremendous value.
  • What is the half-day workshop intensive?
    This is a real treat! When all owners come to the Bay Area for the Annual Bar Method Conference, we will build in an extra special half day intensive. Kate will lead owners through working sessions on leadership and business management. There will be guest speakers as well as a VIP lunch and other surprise goodies.
  • Who are the other owners I'll be working with?
    I am personally selecting each participant for this group. In order to be considered owners must be committed to the process, coachable, and selfless. They must be able to put on their Leadership Hat and to think strategically about their business. Finally, they must be comfortable with taking responsibility. Progress only happens once we each are personally accountable for our personal realities.
  • What can I do to get the most from this program?
    Be Prepared Effective coaching sessions require focus, effort and preparation from both of us. Don't expect to wing it and get full value. Complete and submit your 1x1 Session Focus 24 hours ahead of our meeting Come prepared and do your homework on the issues you intend to discuss Throughout the month, jot down chronic problems, opportunities and other issues on a reminder list. Use the list to prepare your 1x1 Session Focus and to help you own and drive your coaching agenda. Be Open Invite me into a better understanding of who you are, what makes you tick and what is going on in your personal life Make issues about health and fitness, family relationships a regular part of our one-to-one agenda. The more you open up and explore who you really are, the more value you will get from coaching.

Kate is a gem, and I am so grateful for her positivity, wisdom and expertise.”

 - Business Owner, Power Collective


*Guarantee requires 3 months of attendance and active participation in all scheduled sessions.

Upon registering for the Power Collective you will enter your credit card or ACH information for recurring billing.  Your first charge will be for the first month of the program - Jan 2019.  You will receive a Welcome Email which highlights additional perks of the program, scheduling instructions, as well as the terms of the coaching agreement.  We look forward to welcoming you to The Collective!

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