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Joy Colino

Owner, Nannies Plus

“Before working with Kate, I was winging it—not approaching my business in a strategic way. I needed the guidance of an expert to outline and prioritize actions that would elevate my business to the next level. Kate was that expert, coaching me with compassion, positivity and specificity.


Kate worked with me to formulate actionable steps that were laser focused on what my business needed. We worked together to plan out marketing and time-saving techniques to help grow my client base, all tailored around my strengths, personality and bandwidth.


Kate also encouraged me to take the time needed for self-care, and gave me tools to do so.


Since working with Kate, I’ve stepped away from my day job and can devote myself to my business—my passion—full time. I love what I do even more since working with Kate. I am less frustrated and anxious, and more patient and fulfilled every day. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Karen Moreno

Owner, The Bar Method

“‘Gratitude’ is the word I first think of when I think of the impact Kate has had on my business and life. I’m so thankful for how efficient and effective she works during our meetings to come up with the strategies needed to push my business forward.


Both of my studios have not only grown since working with Kate, but the energy and professionalism within the studios for both clients and staff has exceeded what I ever imagined it could be. Kate is a gem, and I am so grateful for her positivity, wisdom and expertise.”


Senior Producer, Investment Company

“What made working with Kate the most rewarding and beneficial was that, from our very first meeting, she met me exactly where I was (nervously looking for a career change after 18 years at the same company) and worked with me from that place, guiding me through each step that I needed to achieve my goals. Her warmth, humor, understanding and support were vital during times when I was besieged by doubt and fear. Her genuine excitement and happiness at my progress (no matter how seemingly insignificant) revealed her genuine wish and intention for my success.


What I’ve most taken away from our coaching experience together is to be kind to myself during the process of change and growth. We are often hardest on ourselves, and working with Kate has helped me truly know that the journey is as important, if not more important, than the end goal—because at the end of the day achieving that end goal is really the beginning of another new journey. Kate’s approach to coaching is intuitive and her ability to tailor each session to exactly what I needed in that moment was invaluable to me. She brings a wealth of experience, tools and ideas to the table and I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Paul Julch

Owner/ Entrepreneur , Urbanite | Suburbanite

“I've been working with Kate for almost 2 years. In that time, she's helped me streamline not only how I execute my daily business tasks, but also how I view my business as a whole.


She tailors her methods and advice to what works for you—your industry, your style of work and your experience. She guides you in what you can do that makes sense, both now and in the future, and she's realistic—which is especially important for me as a solopreneur.


She also supports me in making the best decisions for my business and for my work/life balance—we decide what's the current priority, and what can be set aside for a future date. And she's also helped me make some valuable connections with other amazing business partners. If you need someone to help you advance your business, you need Kate!”

Kerry Bitner

Owner, Que SeRaw SeRaw

“My sales have doubled in the time Kate and I have been working together, and I attribute much of that directly to her coaching. I believe that she cares about her clients’ overall well-being, and she understands the value of a healthy work-life balance. I’m looking forward to having her lead a team-building event with all of my employees in the near future.”

Scott Nissenbaum

Owner, Nissenbaum Chiropractic

“Kate is a rock for my business and my life. It would have been impossible for me to achieve what I have without her help. She’s helped me fine-tune the financial tracking and forecasting of my business, she’s provided me with essential leadership training, she’s coached me to hire phenomenal employees, and much more. I’m tracking to make $100K more this year than last year, and I attribute most of that to Kate.”

Noreen Dante

Owner, The Bar Method

“Kate is a true professional. She has the unique ability to clearly identify opportunities and solutions in areas where we previously had been stagnant and frustrated. Her experience and expertise gives her an amazing ability to take a complicated set of factors and distill them down to create a clear action plan.

Kate helped us to identify and pursue new avenues for revenue generation.  She partnered with us to analyze what needed to be adjusted in our sales process. Once identified, she worked with us to establish an improved process that would help increase our initial client acquisition, as well as conversion to long term clients.  The result was increased revenue and a clear process that would carry us into future growth.


As a result of her coaching and problem solving, we have a stronger organization, clearer processes, and a continuing path to increased revenue generation.”

Jennifer Kabatchnik

Senior Director Business Development & Sales Operations, MCG Health

“We’ve had the privilege and pleasure working with Kate across our organization...We had experienced challenges in partnership and collaboration, which led us to having Kate help us identify our team’s interpersonal dynamics  and work styles. From there, we learned how our team could better  communicate and work together. This proved to be valuable to our organization and was later adopted by several other functional areas.


Each time we bring Kate back into the organization, staff leave her sessions energized and feeling invested in. She has been a valuable resource to us over the last two years.”

Jackie Estevez

HR Manager, Galine, Frye & Fitting Law Group

“Kate had a huge positive impact in our office. She helped our management team effectively navigate some of the biggest challenges, such as unclear communication and expectations. Her warm and grounded approach gave us the space to reflect on the challenges we were facing as an organization and to build a more honest and productive environment around us.


With Kate’s help we’ve been able to create a company mission statement that resonates with each team member and will be manifested through our clientele.


Thank you Kate—you’ve impacted us profoundly and we’re so grateful for our time together.”

Randy Iskowitz

VP of Sales, MCG Health

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kate for a little more than two years now. After transitioning from a top-performing sales executive to a VP of Sales, I needed a new approach and an extra set of eyes and ears to do be an effective leader.  


I’ve always found Kate’s approach to problem-solving to be a breath of fresh air. She’s a good listener and really does a great job understanding the full picture before providing the advice or tools and techniques that she has at her disposal.


For the last two years, my team has been the highest performing sales team at my organization. I owe a lot of credit to Kate for her work with me and my team and would recommend her to anyone.”

Lynn Nemiccolo

Senior VP of Customer Success, MCG Health

“Kate has worked with my team in the Customer Success department over the past couple of years, providing programs on DiSC Communication and the Ideal Team Player.  My team enjoyed her presentation style, her knowledge and her overall approach to difficult topics.  Kate also partnered with the Account Management team in the rollout of the Ideal Team Player framework.  Feedback from the team has praised both the process she presented and the overall results they have been able to obtain.  


As a leader I appreciate Kate’s open and honest interface, her enthusiastic support and the quality of the product she delivers.  She is a wonderful resource that we will use when opportunities arise in the future.  I have seen improvements in collaboration, open communication and in teamwork on my team.  Kate’s approach and support definitely helped us achieve that success.”

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