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Are you not seeing the results you want from your business?  Are you struggling to scale and grow, but don’t know how to move past where you are? Looking to motivate and energize your employees, or create better alignment throughout your organization?


Boundless Coaching facilitates transformations. Whether it's a company that's reached stagnation, a leader who is struggling to find their voice, or an individual who feels like their career has hit a ceiling, we bring the expertise and experience that organizations and leaders need to achieve record-breaking results—and boundless success.  

›  Motivate your team

›  Align your team

›  Increase your bottom line

›  Operationalize your business

›  Get calm, centered, focused

›  Streamline workflow

›  Optimize productivity

›  Lead with more confidence

›  Find your dream career

›  Master your management

Creating Culture

FOR: Startups to mature companies wanting to better align their teams to increase productivity, improve morale, foster collaboration and creativity, increase engagement, minimizes stress, and eliminate workplace dysfunction.

WHAT: All of our work focuses on five key areas of culture: Values, Structure, Relationships, Communication and Vision. After assessing what’s working or not, we create reward and recognition programs, provide blueprints for better meetings, develop career paths, build bridges to the community, and share best practices that will have the biggest impact.


Admission - 60–90 minute intake session with project leaders to understand your challenges, history, goals, and key players

Assessment - Information-gathering phase comprised of one or all of the following techniques—onsite observation, meeting attendance, employee interviews, culture assessment (checklist)

Alignment - Design, present, and roll out the roadmap for change based on current state and ultimate goal

Action - Assist project leaders in implementing the Alignment recommendations.  This may include team trainings and workshops, behavioral assessments, education sessions, one-on-one coaching, meeting facilitation, group book readings, focus groups, offsites, office layout/ design, and team building retreats

PROCESS: The first thing we do is consult all levels of leadership to determine the type of culture you currently have: strengths, weakness, and where you want it to be. Then we set about creating the pathway to getting there.

OUTCOMES: Think your organization’s problems are beyond repair? My motto is The messier, the better, and my track record shows I can help you create happy, productive teams that shatter records and attain unprecedented results.

Contact us to set up a free, initial consultation.

Trainings and Workshops (Half day or full day)

​WHO: Companies who want to develop their greatest assets—their people.

WHY: Training and education is what allows your team to continue to grow and survive. Fierce competition, astounding changes in technology, and deep shifts in the nature of our workforce all bring unprecedented challenges to increasing employee morale, engagement, and productivity. This workshop will empower your team with strong communication skills, a stronger ability to work harmoniously, and the ability to thrive in spite of change, challenges, and setbacks.

PROCESS: Half or full-day onsite or offsite workshops

TRAINING TOPICS: View topics here ›

Explore our most popular training modules from the list above. We can suggest popular agendas, or we can help you customize content based on your specific needs.

Presentations that Motivate

WHY: Employees need to regularly feel connected to the company’s direction and how its leaders are helping them get there. We can help you craft a presentation or industry panel to provide inspiration, focus, and energy to your teams. Topics and subjects can range from focusing on the employee with leadership training and education to a bigger-picture, motivating “state of the union” address from leadership.

HOW: We’ll meet with your company’s leaders to determine current challenges, successes, and vision for the future; then recommend an appropriate format for the presentation. Every presentation is tailored to address your company and what’s most relevant to your employees and industry, and we leave you with follow-up tools and special gifts for all participants.

PROCESS: 45-minute to two-hour presentation onsite.  

OUTCOMES: Increased employee engagement, morale, and motivation.


Contact us to set up a free, initial consultation.

Team-Building Retreats

FOR: Groups of 10–50 employees at companies of any size who want to strengthen bonds between team members or departments. Perfect for teams who deserve a fun outing and a break from a big project and daily pressures.

WHY: People shine when they play, so we’ll get your team out of the office and into an inspirational setting to spark creativity, connection and collaboration.

WHAT: These events can take shape as hikes, tasting tours, excursions, team challenges, dinners, scavenger hunts, meditations, and/or games. We’ll work with you to find the best agenda and setting.  

OUTCOMES: Employees who know, like, and respect each other as people are more collaborative, creative, and productive. These events forge bonds that last and get teams in the right frame of mind to tackle their daily challenges with new perspectives and stronger allies at every level of the organization.

Contact us to set up a free, initial consultation.

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Trainings & Workshops
Presentations that Motivate
Team-Building Retreats
Creating Culture
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